Forgot your ATM PIN? Set a new one without visiting Bank in 3 easy steps

ATM cum Debit card is necessary to carry out your money transactions through ATMs or sometimes netbanking.
Losing or forgetting ATM PIN is common among users. But recovering or changing the PIN was a tedious process only if you were following traditional method.
In traditional procedure, you have to visit your Bank and give an application to reset your ATM PIN. After waiting over couple of days, Bank would mail the new PIN again. But this process is almost discontinued by all Banks bringing new initiative called 'Green PIN'.
On introduction of Green PIN, changing ATM PIN is no longer tiresome. Neither paperwork nor time-consuming, just simple OTP request and job done.

Basic Requirements for Generating Green PIN:

  • Your mobile number should be registered with your bank account for recieving Green PIN as SMS.
  • Your ATM cum Debit card. And that's it.


1.Visiting ATM of your respective Bank:

Visit any ATM that is associated with your Bank. For example, if your Debit card is provided by SBI Bank then you have to visit SBI ATM only, if Debit card is provided by ICICI Bank then ICICI Bank ATM only and so on. But if you try the same thing in other bank's ATM, then the Green PIN option will not be available for you. Note that every ATM has Green PIN facility.

2. Generating Green PIN:

Enter your Debit card as usual in ATM machine and check for the option - 'Generate GREEN PIN'.
Animated start screen of ATM.
Green PIN option will be available only in ATM associated with your Bank.
Click and confirm on the option and check for SMS containing Green PIN on your registered mobile number.

3. Entering Green PIN and changing to ATM PIN of your choice:

After removing the ATM card, insert it again. Click on 'Enter Green PIN' and enter that PIN which you recieved through SMS. Finally, set your new ATM PIN. Enter the 4 digit PIN of your choice and confirm it.
If you want to change the PIN again then you can do it through any Bank ATM but only if you know your present PIN

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