How to get a Caste Validity Certificate in Maharashtra? Detailed online+offline application procedure!

Caste certificate is required for availing Affirmative action (caste reservation) as well as various Government scheme benefits exclusively for historically underprivileged and backward castes of India. 

But for the (SC/ ST/ OBC/ VJNT/ SBC) residents of Maharashtra, there is compulsory requirement of Caste Validity Certificate (VC) along with Caste Certificate.

What is Caste Validity Certificate?

Caste Validity Certificate is issued by Caste Verification Authority (also known as Caste Scrutiny Committee) after strictly verifying rather scrutinizing all your documents required for getting caste certificate. Caste Scrutiny Committee is Constitutional committee set up under Supreme court's order.
How to get Caste Validity Certificate, Maharashtra

Why is it required?

Caste certificate can be faked but not Caste Validity. Due to current menance of fake certificates, steps like these are bound to be taken. Caste Verification can badly hit chances of people using bogus caste certificates. This will greatly benefit students with genuine certificates.

How to apply for Caste Verification/Validity?

Caste Validity Certificate application form is available only in online mode. Yet it involves both online as well as offline procedure. But before applying for Validity Certificate, the applicant has to be ready with the following important document papers.

Compulsory Documents and necessary information required for Caste Validity Certificate Online Application:

  • Applicant's Caste Certificate
  • Applicant's Affidavit ( In Specimen Form 3 - Rule 4[1])
  • Parents' Affidavit ( In Specimen Form 17 - Rule 14)
  • Present College/School identity Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Letter of Recommendation from College Headmaster/Principal.
  • Primary, Secondary School Leaving Certificates.
  • Primary, Secondary School register entry number. ( Also known as General Register G.R Number)
  • Present College/School register entry number.
  • Applicant's Domicile Certificate
  • Applicant's Temporary as well as Permanent residence address proof.
  • Father's Caste certificate
  • Father's School/College Leaving Certificate
  • Grandfather's Caste Certificate 
  • Grandfather's School/College Leaving Certificate
  • Grandfather's Death certificate ( in case of death)
  • Great Grandfather's Death Certificate ( Caste mentioned)
  • Blood relatives Caste Certificate ( Blood Relative - Cousin, Father's brother/sister). Collect at least 2 Caste certificates.
  • Engineering/Medical/Civil Service Entrance exam Admit Cards. (Optional- For fast arrival of VC )
  • Some documents submitted during filing your Caste Certificate.( Optional- To resolve any leftover issues)
Important: Before you fill online application, make sure you take complete consultation from your College/School Office. They may guide you in better way hence speeding up the process of application.

How to fill online application form?

(i) SC/ OBC/ VJNT/ SBC applicant's have to fill online application form at CCVIS official website.
How to get Caste validity certificate in Maharashtra

  1. Click on 'Login' button at left corner of the home page.
  2. Click on 'New registration' for fresh registration using your Email Address and Phone Number. Also submit your Aadhar Card Details. (Add your most relevant Contact details and save the password for future use) 
  3. Start filling up the form and upload the requested documents.
  4. After filling the form, check for correction. Once corrected, confirm the submission of application and print it.
  5. Print the generated receipt and attach it with the copy of form. Also attach the Xerox copy of above documents.
  6. All the affidavits attached and the Letter of recommendation from College/School must be original
  7. Important: Don't forget to attest all the documents/copies at your college/school itself. You can also attest it from any respected government officer. Also Affidavits should be filled during submission at your respective 'District Caste Scrutiny Committee's office to avoid undue mistakes.
  8. Keep at least 4 passport sized applicant's photos.
  9. Now search for the Office address of 'District Caste Certificate Scrutiny Committeethat matches with your Caste certificate address/division. This must be in sync with your native place. For example, if your caste certificate is issued by Pune Division, then you have to search for that in Pune Division only. (Name, address and contact details of the respective office can be found out from the website itself) 
  10. Submit your application along with required fee. After successful submission you will be given receipt and scheduled date of Validity Certificate arrival.
(ii) ST applicants have to fill online application form at e-tribe Validity website.
  • Follow the above similar procedure.
The applicants whose brother/sister already having Caste Validity Certificate has to just tick on the option separately mentioned in the application form.
This will greatly help them to pass the verification process. Also they have higher chances to obtain the validity certificate.

Caste Validity certificate
Original sample of Caste Validity Certificate

    Where to get details of 'District Caste Certificate Scrutiny Committee'?

    Check the complete list of Caste Certificate Scrutiny Committee Offices and their contacts here. Choose your required office according to your caste certificate.

    How much time it takes to get the certificate?

    Normally, the Validity Certificate is issued within 3 months. But if you need it urgently, they may issue within a month.
    Remember: University Admission season is the best time to apply for Caste Validity Certificate.
    Submitting your Entrance exam Admit Card will definitely speed up your application.
    Also, the caste certificates designated with provisional Bar code by Mahaonline will help quick verification.

    What if there are any issues with my application/documents?

    At the above mentioned 'District Caste Certificate Scrutiny Committee' office, you can get great help to solve the remaining issues (if any) with your application. Clerks in that office may help you in filling out your affidavits.
    Even after submission, the application that have issues will be frequently contacted by the authorities on your registered contact number or email address.

    Important Do's and Don'ts for Caste Validity Certificate application procedure:

    • Get all your Documents attested by your College Office itself.
    • Fill your original Affidavits during offline submission. The clerks at that office can guide you in filling application form charging small fee.
    • Carry all the original documents along with the attested copies at submission. Don't forget to carry the documents submitted for getting Caste certificate.
    • Submit minimum two caste certificates of your Blood-relatives having designated Bar code or certificate number.

    This is a complete guide from a former Applicant successfully obtaining the Validity Certificate that too within a month. Hence, just sharing this complete guide to avoid common problems and issues during application. This can save lot of your precious time and money spent on unnecessary travel.


    1. Where to get the contact information of scrutiny committee of given division?

    2. My domicile certificate is of Mumbai but caste certificate is from Akola Division. Is it ok or will create problem?

      1. Domicile certificate should be anywhere from Maharashtra. Division doesn't matter. There won't be any problem.

      2. I dont have the ec of 1/5 what is the other solutions

    3. Cousin's validity certificate won't do?

      1. Only your Brother-sister's Caste Validity Certificate is allowed during form filling.
        Cousin's will be treated as hierarchical proof during filling of Affidavit.

    4. मला माझे cast validity cirtificateलवकर मिळवण्यासाठी काय करावे लागेल

      1. New tips are added for your fast verification of caste certificate. Read it!

    5. I have my caste validity certificate but now my brother too want is it possible to get his validity on the basis of my validity evidence or we have to follow whole process?

      1. Whole procedure again.
        But less documents and fast verification.

    6. Thanks for replay.
      What are those less documents any idea abt it?

    7. where to find GR number in documents?

    8. My father has a caste validity certificate and i want to issue one for college admission, how long will it take to get the certificate ?

      1. Apply it now. Normally, most people apply it during this period. Keep the application receipt for reference till caste validity certificate arrives. College will be ready to wait.

    9. I want to apply for my brother's caste validity certificate. But he is not in any college. He is 35 years old working nw. From where should the attestation be done ? And what affidavit is required ?

      1. You will have to bribe clerk at caste scrutiny committee office for attesting and any affidavit related things. Range from 500₹ to 2000₹

    10. I got message that your cast validity certificate is ready before 1 month and I saw today they say come in with in 7 days can I got that?

      1. Congrats! Actually it's admission season, so you can expect it early.

    11. i want admission in IIT for msc chemistry programme for which caste validity certificate is a must.But when i applied for it in tahsildar office they said it is not applicable for msc chemistry what should i do as i need it urgently. please helppp

      1. You don't need to ask tehsildar about it.
        Just start filling online form with above procedure. Tehsildar has no role in it. You just need to tell that you need validity certificate for college admission for higher education and that's it. Apply it now, you might get it couple of weeks

    12. Sir can I apply offline bcz there is small mistakes happen in my online application

    13. You can get help at your respective office.

    14. Sir ..can you please tell me from which year this caste validity certificate is compulsory.. as my mother has caste certificate of 1985.. at that time validity was not there.. please help

      1. Father's caste certificate is required

    15. Sir/Mam
      Last year I filled Caste Verification Form but could not submit the same year.
      I wish to give cet this year again. And hence I filled caste Verification form again this year but it isn't getting accepted.
      Please Help.

      1. Contact caste scrutiny committee office of your respective division mentioned in your caste certificate

    16. Applied for caste validity certificate but don't have any proof of staying in nashik before 1950.came here in 1968. But have caste certificate of nashik

      1. You have to apply for new caste certificate in that state where you lived before 1950. Still
        Contact caste scrutiny committee office of your respective division mentioned in your caste certificate


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