Original vs Fake: Five things that distinguishes Original Samsung earphones/headphones from duplicates!

Due to huge earphone market, one can easily get into trap of buying duplicate products rather replica of Branded items. Duplicate products can sometimes break your pockets. Usually common people realise it only after using the product but it's merely loss of time and money. You can though take care of original products before purchasing it. 

Original Earphones/headphones are usually expensive to buy but there's many watered-down versions available to fit your budget. But what if those too are duplicate?
Samsung earphone original vs fake
Samsung 3.5mm Jack

But distinguishing original Samsung earphones ( specifically Samsung 3.5mm Jack) from fake ones is no more a problem if you know these five points about it. 
Here's five points to distinguish between original and fake earphones:
(i) Samsung earphones are generally manufactured in Vietnam. The duplicate ones come with 'Made in China' tag.
(ii) The next thing to check is brand name on mic. This is probably the best sign of difference. If this sign is missing then the earphone is just duplicate.

(iii) Another very important thing is that these earphones come marked right-left signs on respective earbuds. They're marked as 'R' and 'L' along with brand name.

(iv) Fourth thing to check is the bumping dot below the 'L' mark on left earbud. The right earbud doesn't have this bump.
(v) The package or box containing this earphone has a 'Made in Vietnam' label along with unique bar-code for the product.

One has to even compare the price of these earphones. Generally, this earphone come comes packed inside Samsung smartphone box. Their price varies from ₹400 to ₹900 in India whereas $8 to $15 globally.
These earphones are damn popular due to their premium quality and extra-long durability.
Many online vendors sell it at heavy discounted prices but don't guarantee if they are original. The best place to buy them is at registered Samsung stores. The original earphones come up with six months warranty. So make sure you're buying only the original product.


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